Suds Laundry Services

Retail Services
Rushden, Northampton

Asking Price: £85,000

“The services Intelligent offered were fine and I was really satisfied with the price the business sold for. There is nothing they could have done better.”

Joyce Tracey (Seller)

Case Study Image
What the seller wanted

Joyce Tracey approached the sale of her business from a total novice's point-of-view, so was naturally very dependent upon our advice. 

What did Intelligent do

She told us she found us through the internet by googling "How do I sell a business?" as a starting point. Our company came up in the top of the search, so upon researching our company and the contents of our website, Mrs Tracey felt suitably equipped to make an informed choice about the business transfer agent she wanted to sell her business through.


What we like about this particular business sale is that Mrs Tracey came to us straight from the contents of our website. We feature various guides, Case Studies (such as this one) and articles through our blog, and much more, keeping both our website and search-engine optimisation up-to-date. In this instance, it gave Mrs Tracey the reassurance she needed to commit to us, and ultimately meant somebody who had no idea about how to sell a business, or how, do exactly that within a matter of months. 

We asked Joyce if she would recommend our company and she told us she would. We also asked her if there was anything we could have done better and she told us "No, not at all."