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The Knowledge Hub will help you understand how to buy, grow or sell your business. It is a collection of useful guides, insights and news articles related to the world of business and entrepreneurship

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10 Steps To A Higher Valuation
Want to know how to get a higher valuation for your business? This guide can help.
Preparing Your Business For A Quick Sale Post-COVID
How do you quickly and confidently sell your business with confidence in today's climate? Follow our guide and learn more.
Buyer Finance
One thing is for sure: If you're looking to buy a business, you're going to need a way to finance the transaction. As a general rule, we recommend that buyers look to identify and research...
Complete Overview of Selling a Business
Looking for insight into all that comes along when selling your business? Here you'll find a complete overview of all you need to know.
Complete Overview of Buying a Business
Looking for a comprehensive overview of all you need to know before buying a business? This guide will tell you exactly what you're in for.
Case Study: Food & Catering
Learn how Intelligent helped Mr Boyes, who wanted sell his businesses as soon as possible due to other commitments.
Case Study: Food & Catering
Learn how Intelligent helped Mr Clough sell his business after he got in contact for a free no-commitment valuation.
Case Study: Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouse & Hotel
Learn how Intelligent helped Mr and Mrs Carr sell their guesthouse in a competitive environment.
Case Study: Health & Beauty
Learn how Intelligent helped Miss Hudson sell her gym quickly and for a fair price.
Case Study: Licensed & Public House
Learn how Mr and Mrs Nassau got in touch with Intelligent to help them sell their country inn in order to go back to teaching.