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8 Ways to Save Money Running Your Small Business
The biggest concerns for struggling small business owners tend to be the lack of customers, cash flow issues, and worries about consumer confidence...Read More
National Insurance Increase to Cost Businesses £3.5bn
The government’s 1.25 per cent increase in national insurance will costs businesses up to £3.5bn to match employee contributions, economists have warned...Read More
Opening a Business Bank Account in the UK: How-To & Best Accounts
Deciding which banking service to use can be a major opportunity to get your business basics right from the very beginning. Although it may be inconvenient...Read More
Small Businesses Expect to Increase Pay by 3% Next Year
Recent staff shortages in shops and restaurants, due to the effects of Brexit and Covid, are set to push wages up by an average of 2.9 per cent in 2022...Read More
How to Manage Workforce Motivation
Communication and motivation are the two main elements involved when we talk about workforce management. Many people don’t take the time to sit down...Read More
Retailers Call for Half of Rent Backlog to Be Waived
The Commercial Tenants Association is calling on the government to use an alternative strategy to deal with commercial rent debt. The communities secretary is facing...Read More
The Five Most Successful Small Business Ideas in 2021
Starting a business in 2021 requires a lot of courage, persistence, hard work, and imagination. Due to coronavirus and the current economic situation...Read More
Research Shows Sole Traders Were Hit Hardest by Covid Pandemic
Sole traders have been disproportionately affected by Covid restrictions, with 58 per cent either no trading or trading less than pre-Covid...Read More
The Small Business Guide to Increasing Facebook Engagement
Sometimes it can be difficult to find Facebook marketing inspiration. Many businesses post on Facebook, as a way to interact with their customers, and it can be hard...Read More
Nearly 300,000 Sole Traders Face Increased Tax Bills
The government has recently proposed plans to change the date that sole traders and other small businesses announce their profits, which could mean thousands...Read More
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