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In recent years, consumers in the UK spent £226 billion on food, drink and catering. Over the last decade, we've steadily spent more and more on food and drink and with revenue for the catering industry alone reaching £1 billion, it's safe to say demand is high

The food & catering industry has plenty of different opportunities. From a fish and chip shop by the beach to an independent café in a city centre or a renowned bakery or events catering – there's a lot of choice

Running a food and catering business involves a lot of different traders, suppliers and relationships with other businesses, which is where buying an established business has its advantages, as you buy the physical assets as well as contacts and reputations. It means you don't have to start from scratch, which helps with income during the first few months. Take a look here to find out why we think buying a business has more benefits than starting one from scratch 

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