West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

Asking Price: £90,000

“I would recommend Intelligent Business Transfer; you're a good company to work with and Louise and John Crayford were very helpful throughout the entire business transfer.”

Paul Wells (Seller)

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What the seller wanted

Mr Wells had a very established and worthwhile second career, so wanted to exit the business he owned.

What did Intelligent do?

He put the business up for valuation via daltonsbusiness.com who then contacted three business transfer agents with further details about his valuation. Two business transfer agents got in touch with him and arranged a business consultation. "I ultimately chose Intelligent because the consultant, Chris Evans, seemed to talk sense and the valuation sounded hopeful."

This typifies the extra mile we have to go to compete with other agents. From the word go - i.e. initial consultation - we have to ensure we're presenting the opportunity sufficiently and transparently enough to the seller so that they feel confident in instructing us. We fully reference the entire business sale process and its various stages during this initial consultation, aiming to answer all questions any seller would naturally have before making the final commitment to sell their business.


Mr Wells felt IBT are a good company to sell your business through. He singled out both his Account Manager, Louise, and our Business Negotiations Manager, John Crayford, for being consistently helpful throughout the entire business transfer process.