Five Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Websites

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Five Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Their Websites

These days, ensuring your website provides an optimised customer experience is extremely important to the success of your business. Online sales can comprise a large proportion of trade for many companies, so you want to offer a seamless online journey.

Your website acts as an online storefront and sales window for your business, so it’s a great idea to spend some time reviewing and enhancing your offering.

Therefore, we have put together our five top tips to ensure your website is the first choice for consumers.

1. Review Your Website Design

Many physical storefronts will pull out all the stops for their shop window displays, so they can entice customers inside. You only need to take a trip down Oxford Street, in London, to see the beautiful displays. Therefore, it is a great idea to ensure your online shop window is also well-thought-out. Be clear who you are, what you’re selling, and why you’re different from everyone else. The design needs to be good and the content even better.

2. Improve Customer Navigation

Improving customer navigation means ensuring the website is easy to navigate, but it may also be worthwhile offering some subtle diversions, to try and encourage customers to make some further purchases. Any diversions need to be interesting and powerful, and not obvious. However, make getting back on the purchasing track incredibly easy with as few steps as possible.

3. Be an Expert in Customer Satisfaction

Companies that are well-known for customer satisfaction, usually have skilled staff, who know their products incredibly well. A brilliant way to demonstrate knowledge and satisfy customers online is by using blogs and social media pages. Choose some exciting details about your products. This could be their origin or guides on how to use them. Any content which highlights how well you know your products could be worth sharing. If your site becomes known for its knowledgeable resources, then online traffic will soar, leading to an increase in sales. If you're interested, then it may be worth checking out our Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide. 

4. Fall in Love With Google

Google acts as a tourist information board, a road map, the policeman giving directions. Google will lead customers to your products if you want it to and give it reason to. Spend some time getting to know Google, its various tools, and how you can use them to attract the very best customers. Google is likely to play an essential role in our lives for a long time, so it’s worth getting to grips with it, as it could lead to a big leap in sales. To get started, take a look at our guides on Google My business and Google Shopping

5. Push Your Unique Proposition

Every shopper loves a bargain. Shops with excellent deals tend to be a favourite amongst customers. A website can only do so much. You need to understand what your unique proposition is, whether that’s the best price, the best customer service, the quirkiest products, or the quickest delivery.

So, there you have it! Here, are our top tips to try and enhance your website. Small tweaks will help improve the overall customer experience and in turn, visitors will be more likely to purchase your products and make a return visit.

What do you think? Have you tried these techniques? Ready to take them on?

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