Technology Is On Our Side

Technology should be seen as an advantage to small businesses, PC’s and costly software packages in new offices are long gone. Thanks to cloud and effective technology the ease of running a business is improving.

Author: Charlotte Cobley

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Many small businesses believe they are able to optimise processes quickly and become efficient due to the advantage of technology. 72% of small businesses now prioritise technology and another high percentage has a clear technological plan in place. Technology in the workplace allows businesses to expand quickly and efficiently, which is said to give small businesses an advantage against large firms.

The use of technology

There are several tools available to small businesses that can impact them; the use of video conferencing, social networking and virtual office technology has improved the customer base and growth of many small businesses. The main factors of technology in the workplace include:

  • Improve communications
  • Human capital – improves the efficiency of the recruitment with the use of personality assessments and screening tools.
  • Efficiency – saves time in the work flow process, saves space, paper and printing costs. Corrections can be made instantly.
  • Mobility – eliminates time and space, video conferencing allows businesses across the globe to interact. Helps reduce travel costs.


Most large companies think that achieving digital maturity can take up to five years, where as small business think this can happen within one or two years. Digital maturity is seen as a golden opportunity to improve business processes and growth, adding value to their operations.


Small businesses may struggle to resource technology, 50% said this would be an issue for them. They are also less likely to be able to spare time and employees to drive forward digital transformation projects. Small businesses can also face issues when it comes to educating all the business employees on the new technology functions and changing the ways in which employees work will be affected by technology.

Top Tips

Your business can utilise the latest technology to grow and be more efficient, here’s how:

  • New technologies are becoming much more affordable – video conferencing can now be run on windows PC, tablet or mobile you don’t have to buy specialist equipment.
  • Evernote is a free note taking platform and you can upgrade to a premium version but this is an excellent tool for someone who is in and out of meetings.
  • Once you've learnt one app, it is simple to follow others – newer technologies have a consumer feel making them much more intuitive.
  • Networking is great until you have to spend money on travel and accommodation; new technology allows you to use webinars and video conferencing so you can still be there but from the comfort of your own office!


Technology doesn't have to be too expensive for small businesses and networking using technology is becoming essential. The use of technology is allowing businesses to become efficient, being able to work on projects, emails and meetings wherever you are is both enjoyable and effective.  

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