Welcoming Change Into Your Business

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Welcoming Change Into Your Business

Change can be scary, regardless of if you’re a small business owner or an employee. With selling your business, you may have to introduce a new vendor and new workplace rules, or with buying a business, you may have to adjust to new staff members and put your ethics into a new venture.

With change comes growth, and change is a great thing within the workplace as it can promote development, get rid of old habits and ignite new success within the business.

Here is our guide on welcoming change into your business, and making transitions easier for employees…


Transparency within the workplace is a great way of ensuring you have your employee’s full trust, and they will not be blind-sighted by any changes that are to come.

If you are making changes within your business, let employees know as soon as you can, set deadlines for when the changes should happen and plan ahead for any training or development needed to adapt to the change.

Transparency within a business will make it seem more personable, approachable and friendly, therefore, depending on the nature of your business it may also be a great idea to share changes with your clients and customers.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is crucial when it comes to change – who knows your business better than someone that is constantly involved within it?

It’s great to get your team’s view and learn how to take criticism correctly, accepting changes and allowing employees to have their inputs where suitable.

Taking feedback on board also means that you can adjust the changes and put measures into place before it is too late.

Staggered Approach

A staggered approach to change is always a great idea within large, corporate businesses. Starting off by trialling the change within a specific group of people, whether that be a leadership, system or business model change, will allow you to pick out any issues before spreading that change to a wider audience.

Staggering changes also makes the whole process more approachable and less intimidating, with employees feeling more at ease that others have participated before them, and that it has been tested before launch.

Promote Development

With change comes a chance for change and development, which can be a brilliant selling point when it comes to assuring your teammates and customers.

Explain the reason for change, and highlight the advantages that this change will bring to your business, whether that be personal development, company growth or a wider customer base.

Development is a great point of change and it can open up doors that wouldn’t of been there without the opportunity – make sure to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Here at Intelligent, we promote change for the better, as development within your business is always a great thing.

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