FREE WEBINAR: Max Out Your Business's Value

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On Friday 5th February, we were joined by Alex Chisnall to run through the best ways to maximise your business's value.

Alex was a mentor with Virgin Startup, helping Sir Richard Branson's not-for-profit business Virgin Startup support hundreds of entrepreneurs reach their full potential through funding & mentoring.

Now he's the founder of Screw it, Just Do it: The Podcast Agency with the #1 Business Podcast.

You can find more information about Alex and his services via the links below: 

1. Listen to the Screw It, Just Do It podcast here.
2. Join the Podpreneur Ultimate Podcast Mastery Course here.
3. Join the FREE Facebook Group here.
4. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and on Instagram.

View a full recording of the webinar here: 

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