Roadmap Out of Lockdown

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Roadmap Out of Lockdown

The Prime Minister has finally unveiled England’s route out of lockdown, but what does the roadmap mean for businesses?

Other than key dates, an important takeaway from the announcement is that each step will be a minimum of 5 weeks apart. This is to ensure enough data can be gathered at each stage of easing. This includes 4 weeks to collect data and an additional week as a notice period for the relevant industries.

A delay at one of the key points will lead to a delay for futures stages to maintain the crucial 5-week gap.  

Stage 1: 8th March

  • All pupils to return to school at the same time in all areas
  • School clubs and activities can restart
  • Care home visits will resume
  • Two individuals from different bubbles can socialise outdoors

29th March:

  • Outdoor sports facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and open-air swimming pools to reopen
  • Two households (rule of 6 applies) will be allowed to socialise outside

Stage 2: 12th April (at least 5 weeks after the start of the last step)

  • Opening of some hospitality in limited circumstances, meaning outdoor only service. There will be no curfews or restrictions on serving alcohol
  • Personal care (including hair and nail salons), indoor leisure such as gyms, cinemas, libraries, and non-essential retail all to reopen
  • Universities and college campuses expected to welcome students

Stage 3: 17th May (at least 5 weeks after the start of the last step)

  • Indoor entertainment and leisure to open, including hospitality venues, hotels, theatres, and children’s play areas (with social distancing in place for the above)
  • Other personal care businesses such as beauticians are likely to reopen at this stage. There will be close attention paid to these services due to their close contact nature

Stage 4: 21st June (at least 5 weeks after the start of the last step)

  • This final stage should see the relaxation of social distancing rules, with indoor mixing likely to be allowed, allowing all sectors to open including nightclubs

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