Last Minute Ideas to Grow your Christmas Sales

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Last Minute Ideas to Grow your Christmas Sales

It seems like only yesterday we were entering October and preparing for the onset of colder weather. Now, out of nowhere, Christmas has reared its head and the festive retail rush is well underway. With only two days till the big day, its commonplace that 10% of Brits don’t expect to finish their Christmas shopping till 23rd December! If you’re counting on Christmas for the final sales push of 2019 and anticipating a sharp incline in that line chart, be sure to take advantage of frantic shoppers to seal those last minute sales.

1. Festive branding

If your premises isn’t already head to toe in festive décor, what are you waiting for? Crack out the tinsel, baubles and fake snow to make passing footfall aware you’re ready to spread the Christmas joy. If other businesses around you are sporting a similar vibe, make sure your seasonal twist stands out- perhaps through a comical festive window scene; nativity or otherwise. Combine this with advertising a free hot drink or mince pie in the window to real customers in.

2. Social media campaign

Businesses of all sizes start utilising social media for Christmas marketing in November, if not before, however it’s never too late to post festive status updates, tweet Christmas memes or promote exclusive offers in your business’s Instagram story. Scheduling posts regularly will ensure you remain on customers’ radar and offering a discount code they could use in-store or online will help set you apart from your competition. Many business owners also partake in proximity marketing, using tools such as iBeacon or Smart Antenna which direct adverts to phones within a certain distance of stores.

3. Host an event

Whatever this may be, invite them and they will come! Extend your opening hours, offer food and drink, allow customers peruse your shelves and wait for the sales to roll in!

4. Sale

Look around your local high street close to Christmas and there will no doubt be some kind of Christmas sale in every retail business. It may sound backwards but when it comes to Christmas spending, sales work. Consumers are already ready to part with their cash and are more willing to do so if they believe they’re getting a bargain.

5. Local media

Local media is a small business’s best friend as it not only gives them something to shout about, but also because they want to see the local community, including independent businesses, thrive. Get in touch with your local newspaper or radio station for a last-minute promotional push. You could send them a summary of an event you have planned or reduced stock on offer to get your business written or spoken about on air.

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