Advice to Small Businesses Regarding Covid-19

Covid-19 has no doubt brought uncertainty to the future of many small businesses and with trying times ahead, it’s important to put the necessary measures in place to secure business longevity whilst also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your staff and customers.

Author: Ms Katy Jones

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We’ve collated a list of useful advice and guidance if you’re not sure where to start:

NHS Coronavirus Overview

Government Business Support Helpline

Advice for Employers and Employees

Guidance on Social Distancing

Ideas for Customer Retention

Tips for Working From Home

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Rest assured it's business as usual here at Intelligent; we’re still receiving enquiries and sellers are continuing to list with us. We’re setting up phone calls between buyers and sellers to replace viewings where required and valuations can be done over the phone.If you’re thinking about selling, now is the time to give us a call.

Wash your hands and take care!

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