5 Steps to Scoring the Lovers and Haters this Valentine’s

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5 Steps to Scoring the Lovers and Haters this Valentine’s

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s day provides the perfect opportunity for business owners to cash in. According to Global Data, Valentine’s day spending last year in Britain was estimated to total just over £1bn, suggesting that people really love love. Whilst most people will give in and purchase something for their nearest and dearest, those that are anti-V day to the core could also be swayed to splash out with the right marketing in place. We’ve compiled a few ways to attract Valentine’s supporters and cynics through your doors and split with their bank cards.

1. Unique Valentine’s Day Products

Many will make a b-line for the usual gifts of flowers, jewellery and chocolates, especially those who have left it to the last minute. Tailoring your product supply to those who are looking for something a little less generic could work wonders for your sales figures. Think about offering items that could be personalised in store or online such as t-shirts, tote bags, coasters and socks.

2. Ads Galore

A sure-fire way to target your current and prospective customer base is through effective advertising. Email marketing ahead of the day will make your registered buyers aware of new products in store, whilst regular posts on social media will reach out to a wider audience and lead them to your door. Changing your website’s homepage to incorporate a Valentine’s theme would alert them of the upcoming holiday and combining this with a gift guide to highlight your offering would almost definitely drive many to make a purchase on your site and tick it off their mental to-do list. Who said romance was dead?

3. Alternative Gifts

Show your business has a heart by recognising the true meaning of love and donating profits from certain Valentine’s-related products to a charity close to the hearts of your consumers. For those that see the day as an excuse for the greedy corporate monster to rear its ugly head, anti-valentine’s day merchandise could be too good for them to resist.

4. Galentine's Offers

A phenomenon which is quickly taking over Valentine’s day, Galentine’s day celebrates female friendships in all their glory. Targeting gal pal groups looking to embrace the day, such as offering unique ‘Galentine’s’ menus or drinks discounts would lead to a full bar or restaurant in no time.

5. Shout out to the Singletons

As not everyone is in a relationship on Valentine’s, there is a huge single demographic throughout the UK which many businesses leave untapped year on year. Encouraging independent singletons to indulge on gifts for themselves through pushing the ‘self-care’ mantra will result in guilt-free spending for them and high profit margins for you.

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