How to Sell a Business

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Selling a business is dependent on planning, timing and choosing the right buyer. But the quintessential element of selling is marketing the business correctly. The business name is the first thing a potential buyer will Google search. Immediately your brand name will be under scrutiny, and your online presence can make or break a buyer’s interest.

Search Rankings

Let’s start with the blessing and a curse that is The search engine can work in your businesses favour, listing your business depending on its relevance, distance and prominence. If your business has a strong reputation and clear links, Google’s algorithm will position it accordingly. However, negative reviews can hinder your chances of making it to the top. Reviews help to define the brand for potential consumers and can either help speed or slow down the process of their business decision making. When selling a business, the owner must consider their reputation and work to optimise their brand, whether that be by encouraging more customer recommendations for improving on website SEO content. .


The word integrity depicts an honest and authentic representation of a brand. One thing to remember is that buyers are purchasing your customers, not just your infrastructure. Bad business branding is hard to shy away from as no thanks to TripAdvisor - everyone’s a critic. Sellers need to be honest to a fault, meet commitments and have as much enthusiasm in the sale as the buyer. To show integrity to the buyer, the seller should write up a marketing plan indicating where the business currently is and what opportunities can arise from it in the hands of the buyer. Highlighting a weak spot of the business and then following it up with a solution is the perfect way to show confidence in the sale. The seller can share the documented marketing plan with a potential buyer. Writing an honest investigation of the business and advice on how to progress gives the buyer little reason to reject the sale. At Intelligent Business Transfer our team of copywriters work to produce the most integral representation of a business in its best possible light. .


The key to marketing your business online is mastering the brand’s image. Successful brands have a recognisable and consistent theme running throughout. Before advertising your business to potential buyers, there is no harm in giving the brand a fresh coat of paint. It’s not just your books and venue that need to be polished; it’s also your online presence. Keeping up appearances is essential for the brand to compete on visual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Curating an attractive profile can drive a specific clientele towards the business. Consumers enjoy following a pattern as it sparks familiarity and trust between client and vendor. From a buyer’s point of view, it is highly beneficial for a business to hold a well-established brand, as they can pick up where the seller lets off and continue to grow the business image.


Together with appearance, businesses benefit from creating a logo to represent their brand. A recognisable motif already has a following clientele. If the presentation and logo are strong, customers will continue to follow the brand even after a change of ownership. A picture can paint a thousand words. So, make sure the logo reflects the integrity of the brand. Ensure that the image targets the appropriate consumer and is consistent through all platforms and advertisements.

Social Media

Currently, it’s impossible to avoid marketing your business without implementing the relevant social media platforms. It’s free, easy to navigate and in all honesty a bit silly if prospective sellers aren’t already using it. It would be handy for the seller to set up the relevant profiles as in the eyes of a new buyer, a popular Facebook page can be used to springboard local advertisements and share new content. Businesses can now create a content calendar, used to schedule posts across every social media platform to avoid rushed content and a dormant feed. With social media, the business can address problems (or recommendations) quickly. Reviews can sometimes escalate into a dark hole. However, being responsive and interactive via social media proves to the buyer that the business cares for their community. .

All 5 listed elements work hand in hand to create a business brand. To clean up your marketing act, a business owner must consider marketing with their buyer in mind. Of course, even after a spruce up of your image, prospective buyers don’t just come knocking at your door. Finding the right advisor to match you with a buyer could radically increase the chances of the business selling. At Intelligent Business Transfer, we advertise to over 100,000 prospective buyers browsing through our database. With a wide network of well-connected buyers, our team interpret the brand of the business with the prospective buyer in mind. For more information on selling your business, do not hesitate to contact our team.