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How Long Does It Take to Sell a Business?
How long does it usually take to sell a business? Well, according to statistics we have collected over the past 6 months, 53% of businesses sell in under 12 months...Read More
How to Sell a Care Home
Due to a lot of recent changes in the care home sector, many owners may be considering if now is the right time to sell up. The government has decided to encourage private investment...Read M
How to Sell a Gym
Without a doubt running a gym can be a tough job, due to the long working hours and heavy emotional investment in your business. It’s understandable that at some point... Read More
How to Sell a Pub
Running a pub can prove a difficult task, even for those with previous experience. The publican lifestyle is incredibly sociable, and many tenants enjoy this way of...Read More
FAQ's About Selling a Business
Selling a business can seem daunting at first. Where do you start? How do you start? What do you need to do? But there’s no need to panic: Others have asked the same questions a... Read More
Can I Sell a Failing Business?
Accepting that your business is failing can be hard. Through good times and bad, you’ve given everything you can to your business, but even after pulling out all the...Read More
How to Sell a Hotel
Whether it’s a businessperson on an important meeting, a group of friends on a fun vacation, or a family on holiday, hotels play a vital role in the UK’s hospitality and leisure industry... R
Business Broker vs. Business Transfer Agent
Have you heard the terms ‘business broker’ and ‘business transfer agent’ but you’re unsure what they are? Well, in this guide you will find out. There’s one very important... Read More
How to Sell an Online Business
We have seen a large spike in the number of buyers looking for online businesses in recent history. However, selling an online business is quite different from putting a physica... Read More
How to Sell a Food & Catering Business
The food & catering industry is one of the most diverse and popular markets in the UK. This umbrella term covers a multitude of tasty opportunities, including restaurants, cafes... Read More
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