How To Quickly Sell Your Business

Based on the experiences of our previous clients.

Engaging Presentation

Unripe Banana

With beautiful interior aesthetics and a niche menu, this business stood out amongst the rest for its unique offerings. The now-sold vegan coffee shop was listed as an eatery with an impressive selection of coffee and delicious vegan food, an art gallery and studio. As well as this, the company was host to a wide range of exhibitions, events and workshops. In addition to selling food and drink, the business had a retail section selling sustainable fashion, art prints and more. It was an easy task for Intelligent to market this business which had so much to offer.

As a seller, it is important that your business is in its best condition for marketing. Like Unripe Banana, the cafés which tend to sell quicker are those which have a niche or follow latest trends – considering the site, the locals and the industry itself – as these are all qualities a potential buyer will be looking out for. If your business is aesthetically pleasing, has an inimitable food and drinks menu and a friendly team, it is already prepared for exposure.

Invaluable Assets

All Done Up 

From first coming to market, this salon was sold within 5 short months. Situated in a prime location in Nottingham, this business was prepped for marketing and held a high number of invaluable assets, allowing a new purchaser to dive straight into operation. The seller chose to include the equipment within the sale, items such as nail bars, massage beds, sunbeds and tanning machines are all items which a new buyer will look out for in order to take full advantage of the salon’s stable platform.

In the health and beauty industry, customers prefer high-quality treatments, enabled through luxury beauty equipment. Like the consumers, a new buyer will be enticed by the product and equipment inventory. A buyer's ideal is to walk into a fully equipped business rather than having to renovate it themselves. Consider these assets when selling your business.

Sought-After Client Base


Instructed for sale during Summer, this business was sold before Autumn arrived. This stock-taking business was easily sellable due to several factors. The reputable stock taking company served commercial clients across the UK and was renowned for its distinctive and professional inventory checking. As well as this, the business held a sought-after client book, providing services for recognised national and independent hotel chains. The stock-taking company had 130 clients and contracts under their belt, which is one of the primary reasons a new buyer was attracted to the opportunity available.

A fundamental factor a new buyer considers when purchasing a business, is the client record. One of key drivers in your company’s value is the value of the customers. A business is doing something right if they consistently obtain a strong and ever-returning customer base, which is ultimately the driving force behind the financials after all. Stepping into a new acquisition with clientele still in place is an appealing factor for a new buyer and adds to the ease of transition into a new operation.

Demonstrated Financial History

The Paper Shop @ Clifton

This long-running and successful convenience store was high in demand and had numerous enquirers. The store, which had provided high-quality products and services to the local inhabitants of Rotherham for over 25 years, also had with it a flawless financial report. Having established a strong reputation and loyal customer base, this well-built platform had set strong foundations and made it purchasable on a walk-in condition.

A piqued interest in the business, is often initiated once the financials have been viewed. Having received accurate financial information, the enquirer will have a greater impression about whether they want to purchase the business for sale. Providing Intelligent with recent financial accounts is the only way a business can justify and explain their accounting history and is the primary reason for sale. It’s likely that potential buyers will want to view at least three years of financial statements, including income statements and balance sheets. They’ll be purchasing the business’s future productivity, so explain any differences between what the finances are showing now, and what they could be showing in the future. The Paper Shop provided necessary every-day products and services, meaning they’d never be short on trade. It is common knowledge that if your business is performing well it is more likely to be sold quicker.