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REF: 02627


  • Well regarded provider of apprenticeships, training courses and bespoke training programs
  • Deals in a wide range of sectors
  • Many blue chip client contracts in place
  • Highly skilled staff of training professionals and assessors
  • Offers government funded training programs

An employee lacking sufficient training spells trouble. From hidden unemployment, to damage to goods and equipment, to physical injury, the potential consequences of staff uneducated in their duties are unacceptable to most businesses. Conversely, these same businesses recognize the upside of providing proper training, especially when subsidized by governmental programs.

As such, growing businesses are willing to invest in training, but will put this task only in the hands of the most competent and reputable training firms. Offering a wide array of courses and apprenticeships, this is such a company, helping other businesses achieve their ultimate performance goals.


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