London Crown Mint Ltd with 5 Domains

Burnham on Sea, Somerset
REF: S07830

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REF: S07830
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  • Huge growth potential
  • Low Overheads
  • Excellent Reputation

This is a superb opportunity for a retailer of luxurious, bespoke collectible and decorative pieces to purchase the attractively named London Crown Mint Ltd. It would also be the perfect chance for any other business with a luxury brand name to obtain a series of highly desirable domains.

Established in 2013 and promptly registered as a private UK limited company with Companies House, the business has continually remained dormant but has carefully ensured that it stays up to date with its accounts and filing.

London Crown Mint Ltd is a privately-owned company that is not associated with any other company with similar names. The vendor owns 100% of the enterprise’s shares, all of which will be passed onto the buyer.

This is unbeatable opportunity to acquire a highly valuable business name that is incredibly difficult to register independently. No other individual or enterprise will be able to register a similar name on Companies House, therefore making this acquisition a very enticing chance to gain a prominent name which is perfectly combined with 5 domains and a Facebook page.

It is particularly attractive for an overseas buyer who is looking for an offshore company and is not currently UK-based or is indeed based in the UK.

As the business is not currently active, its sale does not include any fixed premises. The buyer will therefore be free to relocate the business to a location anywhere in the world to suit their own preferences, or to run the business from the comfort of their home.

The asking price includes 100% of the business’s shareholding, alongside the following 5 domains:

The vendor has also created an active Facebook business page to protect the availability of the brand name, and this will be included in the sale. Additionally, the buyer will benefit from the possibility of having a transitional period with the vendor.

This is a one-off opportunity and an ideal purchase for anyone who retails luxury products and wants a suitable limited company name. It would also be an attractive option for an overseas buyer who wants to register the highly recognisable private UK limited company name, London Crown Mint Ltd.

The key method of growing this business is to build and develop the website for each domain name and increase brand awareness amongst the target audience. The business’s unique name and domains will be crucial in cultivating a robust brand image that flourishes.


  • Home Based

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